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Why do some Aluminum Bottom Metal/Trigger Guards need a shim?

Posted by Thomas G on

Why do we include a shim kit with our Aluminum Bottom Metal/Trigger Guard? During our exhaustive testing, we found that factory Tikka stocks are not uniform regarding the bottom metal/trigger guard well. In some instances, when an aluminum bottom metal/trigger guard is installed on a factory stock, the magazine does not seat correctly. This issue rarely arises with factory plastic trigger guards because the plastic guard flexes, which negates manufacturing inconsistencies and allows the magazine to seat. Aluminum is more rigid than plastic, so it does not flex.

Our solution? Include a shim kit that allows an end user to shim out the Trigger Guard in .010 inch increments. Every bottom metal we sell will have a shim kit. 

We have tested dozens of Tikka T3/T3X Lite and Tikka T3/T3X Hunter stocks. Some stocks did not need a shim at all, and some stocks needed to be shimmed out .03 inches.

Interestingly, some factory Tikka rifles that still have the factory plastic trigger guard have also benefitted from a .010 inch shim. For this reason, we offer a stand-alone shim kit as well.

Uneasy about swapping out the Trigger Guard? Ship it to us, and we will happily install it. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

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  • James – As long as you can seat and unseat your magazine, you don’t need a shim.

    CEO on
  • How do know if you need shims? My t3x fit snug. Seems level with the stock.

    JAmes on
  • Brought High Desert Rifle Works back in December . I have a Tikka T3X Stainless Laminate in .270 win beautiful rifle very accurate , but something was missing like real bottom metal lol . I could not be happier with my purchase , it looks almost identical to the factory plastic " bottom metal" and is very well made period . It also fits perfect only needed 1 shim . I would highly recommend the High Desert Rifle Works bottom metal .

    Chris on
  • I purchased a trigger guard from High Desert Outdoor Research a few months back. I shoot a Tikka t3 308. My groups have been tighter and consistent. I really didn’t understand the importance of a new trigger guard until I spoke with HDOR. They are extremely helpful and informative. Not to mention how nice and professional Thomas is. I was so happy with my TG for my Tikka t3 308 I purchased a HDOR knife and wool scarf, all products met and even exceeded my expectations.

    Ethan P Baca on

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